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4 Key Factors that Affect your Website User Experience

We have become a world that values the user experience. No matter the interaction, people have become enamored with classifying it based on how it made them feel. How was the movie? Eh, I would give it a 6, which was right around its Rotten Tomatoes score. When it comes to business, there has been a shift towards providing a better experience in order to earn repeat customers. For many companies, that first impression happens online which is why you need to be aware of the 4 Key Factors that Affect your Website User Experience. This has been a focus of ours for the past decade, which in turn has resulted in our becoming an award-winning website design firm.

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By overusing social proof combined with society’s need for approval due to the social media explosion, many businesses ceiling are now directly tied to their overall ranking. For web-driven businesses, one of the crucial impression points is the first visit to your website. How many stars will your site get? The goal is obviously 5, maybe 4 if you are on a budget. But even then, nobody wants to get a 1 or a 2. Too many of those will sink a business in today’s social-proof driven market.

4 Key Factors that Affect Website User Experience

To make sure you are giving your site the best opportunity to impress, make sure your website is performing well in these areas: