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5 Important Tips For Mobile SEO

It’s 2017 and currently mobile rules the world. Is your business in the best position to handle mobile traffic? Is it geared properly for search rankings on mobile? As a mobile application development company and web designer we get asked a lot of questions about how mobile and SEO should factor into business and we would like to share those answers with our 5 Important Tips for Mobile SEO.

Mobile isn’t a fad or something that can be overlooked in the business world. It is the primary method in which people are connecting with the internet and leads in a host of categories from global ad revenues to purchases made online.

Rather than sitting behind the times, focus on getting ahead of them.

5 Tips for Mobile SEO

  • Be mobile accessible – First things first, your site needs to be mobile-optimized. Google bots are crawling sites and judging them based on mobile accessibility which directly affects your rankings. For sites that are not mobile ready there are a few options which include a responsive web design, serving dynamic content or creating a mobile website separate from your current site with a mobile specific URL. Of all these options Google prefers responsive, but all are acceptable for Google ranking signals.
  • Increase load speed – When it comes to mobile speed is what you need! In fact Google will downgrade your rankings if your site does not meet baseline speed requirements (which you can check via Lounge Lizard blog articles.


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