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8 Biggest Graphic Design Trends that will Dominate 2019

Graphic Design trends are a vital part of the web design and development industry. As most businesses utilize a website to promote their business along with selling products or services, it makes sense to stay abreast of changes and trends that could be utilized for better engagement, marketing, and converting customers. As a top web development company, we have seen a lot in our two decades of crafting award-winning websites, and these are what we feel will be the 8 Biggest Graphic Design Trends that will Dominate in 2019.

8 Graphic Design Trends Dominating 2019

  • Gradients and Duotones – Color transitions have grown in popularity since last year, especially in logo designs. Gradients and duotones are both styles of color transitions which often incorporate bright tones for strong contrasts between the outside edges. Where before one color might have been enough, the use of gradients and duotones build an element with a little more pizazz.
  • Contrasting Color Schemes – The utilization of contrasting color schemes and minimalism is on the rise. As other trends emerge, such as asymmetrical layouts, ones such as color contrast can then compliment by providing a form of color symmetry. Tech companies especially have utilized more light to dark contrasting schemes. Contrasting color has also been added to minimalist designs by replacing white space with lighter, softer tones of color that serve the same purpose without appearing as stark and barren and instead are warm and inviting.
  • Asymmetrical Layouts – As almost a natural response to the grid-based designs which have dominated websites for the past few years, Lounge Lizard blog articles.


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