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Amazon Holiday Tips: Winning More than Just the Buy Box

While making a sale is a primary goal when selling products online, your strategy should be about winning more than just the buy box if you are looking for long-term success. Like most things in the marketing world, it takes time to develop a well-rounded strategy that will engage customers and meet your business goals. As a top digital marketing firm, today we wanted to share an SEO strategy for long-term Amazon marketing success as a good starting point for those businesses looking to increase sales on this immensely popular platform.

Your goal should be to have all products consistently ranking near the top for relevant search terms for long-term success. The reason is simple; 70% of Amazon customers never scroll past the first page of results.

Understanding A9

That is not a typo. A9 is the name of Amazon’s rely on reviews to make better decisions about products and brands. Using an email feedback tool to help increase communication with buyers is a great way to obtain reviews and honest feedback as well as product campaigns. The key is to only use real reviews because Amazon looks for fake reviews regularly.

  • Drive sales with external traffic – Facebook advertising, social media marketing campaigns, Google AdWords and other methods can and should be used to drive traffic to your listing pages. Popular items rank higher in the results so doing what you can to create a surge in sales will then increase rankings for greater visibility which in turn will lead to more sale opportunities.
  • Use FBA if reasonable – Shockingly (not really), products that use Lounge Lizard blog articles.


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