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AMP Up Email Engagement and Conversions with Accelerated Mobile Pages

The Google train just keeps on rolling and this year one of the updates will be an expansion of Accelerated Mobile Pages into email. This is a very thrilling development for any business that uses email marketing. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are poised to greatly enhance both engagement and conversion metrics for email marketing, and as a company that provides AMP Website Development, we are excited to make use of this rollout as it becomes available.

What exactly is AMP?

Accelerated mobile pages, or AMP for short, is an open source program built on AMP HTML, which is anSEO – Customer satisfaction and page load speed are ranking factors that Google considers with their SERP results. Reducing load times by even a second can not only boost SEO due to that ranking factor but also provides a higher level of customer satisfaction due to the improved user experience.

  • Analytics – A core point of the AMP program is to reduce website redundancy to increase speed by trimming HTML tags. This also has an added benefit of creating more streamlined analytics as there is now a single set of tags used for data reporting.
  • The Bottom Line

    The bottom line is that the Accelerated Mobile Project has proven extremely effective for businesses looking for better website performance. The ability to AMP up email engagement and conversions with Accelerate Mobile Pages is just another reason to look into using AMP if you aren’t already.


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