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Are Chatbots the newest way to boost online sales?

Are Chatbots the newest way to boost online sales? They have become very common in the marketplace and younger generations are certainly comfortable using them. But, does that mean it is time to jump on the chatbot train? As a top web development company, we wanted to share our thoughts on the topic about if and how chatbots can boost online sales.

While chatbots were a very buzzy idea in 2016, some of that shine was dulled last year. However, like most technology buzz, it is very hard to meet the expectations of excessive hype. But, with more businesses actively using chatbots in the marketplace we are now able to see how effective they can be.

What exactly is a Chatbot?

In a nutshell, a chatbot is a computer program which can conduct a conversation via text or auditory methods. They can vary from very simple to highly sophisticated. In the current context, these programs are often accessed through a virtual assistant such as Lounge Lizard blog articles.


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