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Are your Meta Descriptions doing their job?

Are your Meta Descriptions doing their job for your website? They should be since meta descriptions are a factor in SEO that you shouldn’t ignore. As a top web development company, we know the value and importance of good meta descriptions and wanted to share with your our insights on the subject. After all, every single visitor your site receives matters and you don’t want to lose out on traffic because of something that is relatively straightforward to correct.

What are Meta Descriptions?

In a nutshell, use less. Usually they are written as a short paragraph unless you can be more to the point and use a singular descriptive sentence.

Many times you will see a meta description in search results when the searched for phrase is contained within the description. This often happens when meta descriptions are doing their job properly. The optimization of meta descriptions should be included in your on-page SEO strategy.

Why do they matter?

As we said, these descriptors are valuable for your Lounge Lizard blog articles.

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