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Conversion Killing Website Designs

Web design is both a practice and a passion. Sometimes that passion, while providing creativity and drive which allows for wondrous creations and expressions, can result in conversion killing website designs. This is a pitfall that web design companies need to be aware of as well as businesses that utilize a website as a primary contact point for their customers.

It’s not even that these conversion killing elements or techniques are used purposely for that effect, more that they are a byproduct of designing for appearance and style first rather than focusing on usability and conversions.

Visual Art versus Conversions

There are different approaches to designing a website. Some people or firms place a premium on showcasing what they can do from an artistic endeavor. The idea is that browsing the website is an experience in itself and everything is geared towards enhancing that experience.

Another school of thought is maximizing conversions at all costs. This approach is centered on the needs of the business first with the focus on helping a visitor move along the sales funnel.

In many cases both these approaches are combined to provide a website that is Lounge Lizard blog articles.

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