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Did your Website Design Company produce results?

While it is great that you have a new and much better looking website, is it producing in the way you expected? Sometimes business owners are so happy that their site has been overhauled and updated to provide a fresh, clean look, but did your website design company produce results? At the end of the day just having your site looking better is simply not as important as your new site performing better.

So how do you know if the site performs better?

To be honest, this has always been a difficult topic to tackle. Most people want to believe that the firm they hired to do a specific job has completed that job in a satisfactory manner. If they find out that is not the case there is often emotions attached to the response such as anger, outrage, or even embarrassment because of feeling duped.

That is why in some cases a business will just “deal with it” rather than investigating it which might lead to conflict, something many people either simply don’t have the time to deal with or desire to. But let’s be honest; that simply isn’t good business.

You should instead be actively reviewing your site from Day One of a re-launch to make sure that you not only are getting what you paid for, but also that your business isn’t in a worse position than it was before regardless of how nicely it is dressed up.

Making use of Analytics

Examining data from your website prior to the re-design is an important step in the process. Lounge Lizard blog articles.

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