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How do you perform Market Research for an SEO Campaign?

Market research is a critical component of a good business strategy. Competition within every industry has never been higher which is why gaining even the slightest edge is important. When it comes to SEO, you need to identify what your customers want so you can then meet those needs. As a top digital agency, we wanted to share how we perform market research for an SEO campaign.

For the most part, we will be discussing researching for content, as that is a primary method of search engine optimization. By taking the time to perform research, you will gain a better understanding of what target customers want or need. A business can then target the proper keywords and generate relevant content that fits those needs and helps the customers.

Performing Market Research for an SEO Campaign

There are quite a few methods for obtaining data. In some cases, that information obtained will be current and taken directly from customers. In other cases, information is gathered based on published reports and compiled information. The best approach is to blend current and historical data to more fully understand the marketplace and customer mindset.

The primary methods of market research that should be used for an SEO campaign will be a combination of:

  • Interviews – Interviewing customers or experts in an area can take many forms such as calls or emails and are a valuable source of fresh, unique data.
  • Online Surveys – Online surveys are one of the more popular research methods as there are numerous tools available to allow a business to quickly obtain timely information.
  • Focus Groups – Similar to surveys, focus groups can provide a lot of timely information with the opportunity for give-and-take and to dive deeper into areas that you might not develop survey questions for.
  • Customer Observation – Observing customer behavior is a long-standing method of research and can be done online by using web analytics to better understand customer actions and movements. Heatmaps are extremely important in understanding where customers click and what they look at the most.
  • Customer Data – Customer data is often considered a secondary source as a business will compile information to find historical trends such as primary shopping times.
  • Industry Data – Industry reports are useful for understanding the industry as a whole with broad reports and information. Research reports from FREE Website Audit and find out!


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