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How to Audit Your 2020 Marketing Strategy

Have a little time on your hands? In the digital marketing world, many of us do. While the end appears to be in sight, there is still a lot of waiting to be done so why not put that time to beneficial use? Today we wanted to share How to Audit Your 2020 Marketing Strategy. While a full audit after the first quarter is not a normal procedure for most, this has also not been a normal year.

Taking the time to perform an analysis now can help you find and correct weak spots along with looking for different ideas and solutions to employ not only the rest of this year but the following year as well. With the potential for a slow 2nd and 3rd quarter, it makes sense to focus on being as efficient as possible.

Audit your 2020 Marketing Strategy

  • Website Audit – Everything benefits from a tune-up because over time from use, there is natural wear and tear. This occurs just as much in the digital world as it does the real world, albeit in different ways. There are numerous things that can change over time which will hurt the overall user experience as they add up. Take the time to perform a complete website audit looking at content, links, CTA buttons, page loading speed, and overall site performance. Regular site auditing and maintenance are key to maximize conversion rates.
  • SEO Audit – An SEO audit is basically where you compare your currently used strategy and keywords against current search trends, versus the trends at the time they were chosen. Focus on the best performing content as a strong indicator of how current trends related to your own content. Also, review your prior research and update it to see how things have changed such as overall search volume or competition for those words. An SEO strategy needs to be fluid, and part of that is due to the reactive nature of SEO.
  • Surveys – With some people having more time on their hands, they might be more receptive to completing Lounge Lizard blog articles.


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