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Is it time to switch to a Responsive Web Design?

With mobile technology operating on a continual cycle of development and mobile usage still regularly increasing there really isn’t even a question anymore; it is time to switch to a responsive web design. The top web development companies around the globe all agree that not having a responsive web design or some other type of mobile-friendly option not only reduces the amount of new business that will find you via browsing but also can make it more difficult for existing customers when they need to connect with you from a mobile platform.

What is the difference between a Responsive Design and other options?

A responsive website has the ability to detect the type of device the user is connecting with, such as a tablet or smart phone. Then the website ‘responds’ to the device by using the device type to then adjust the various design elements so that they fit the parameters of that device’s screen.

This type of design allows for a seamless transition for users regardless of device.

There is also what is called a ‘mobile friendly website’ which as the name entails, is designed to look good on mobile devices. The information will be the same across all devices but navigation has to be designed in a simple format that works well regardless of device.

This type of design is different from responsive in that while it does provide a consistent website experience, the website itself needs to be simple and functional and cannot handle any complex functionality which is very limiting.

There is also Adaptive Web Design which we covered briefly in a prior blog post. Much like a mobile friendly design, this works best for a simplified site rather than complex.

Overall a responsive design is the most versatile option of the three.

Why do you need Responsive Design?

A responsive web design (RWD), or even one of the other mobile design options, has become more critical for a number of reasons:

  • Web Traffic – First and foremost a responsive website will earn you more traffic than a non-mobile friendly site. Back in 2015 responsive web design service. It simply makes the most sense when you consider the user experience of your target users, the SEO benefits, and that Google seems to prefer that design style over others.

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