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Is your website prepared for the holidays?

It’s that time of year again when people pack up the pumpkins and start thinking about the upcoming peak buying season; is your website prepared for the holidays? There are quite a few things that should be done to help get your online business ready to handle the upcoming rush of the holidays and as an experienced website development company that has annually advised clients how to prepare themselves each year over the past decade, we wanted to take the time to share the things we have learned with everyone.

Just like the Boy Scouts, we feel that being prepared is absolutely critical to success during the holidays. Much like when a big storms blows in, you can never be exactly sure where the worst will hit until it does which is why planning ahead to cover the various possibilities ultimately will lead to greater success and more conversions for your business.

Step One: Check the engine

First things first, you need to make sure that your website is running smoothly. Before taking a long trip many people know that they should check their tire pressure, get an oil change if needed, and generally make sure that everything in your car is ready.

The same should be done with your website.

  • Analyze past data – If your business has been in existence for a few years then you have access to valuable data to help plan for this season. Take the time to analyze last year and the prior year’s data to obtain a baseline for traffic volume and issues that might have occurred. Each year people spend more online so you can then forecast what to expect with a 10%, 20% or even 50% increase in business.
  • Test your speed – Site speed is absolutely critical to your conversion rate. The longer people wait, the more likely they are to simply abandon what they are doing to find a site that can provide them service faster. Plus faster loading sites Lounge Lizard blog articles.

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