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Should you Regularly Audit your Keyword List?

A keyword list is a very valuable tool in a digital marketer’s arsenal. However, like most tools, it is most effective when regularly maintained. Unfortunately, far too many people simply create their keyword list once and never deviate from it. As a top digital marketing firm, we want to explain why this isn’t the best practice along with why you should regularly audit your keyword list.

The Importance of a Keyword List

What does a keyword list do for you? Ideally, keyword research is utilized to develop a good understanding of what people are actually searching for online. Terms are analyzed based on usage to better understand the intent behind them. Effective keyword research will generate a strong keyword list that is based on actual user behavior.

This is important because we have gotten to a critical state of “call and response” when it comes to SEO. Users call for specific information and a business needs to properly aligned response if they expect Google or other search engines to recommend that response. The ability of a business to mirror the language and intent of prospective clients is paramount for success. The internet has just become too noisy and crowded; you have to have pinpoint precision.

Why you should Regularly Audit your Keyword List

Auditing a keyword list is just as important as auditing other areas of business: for efficiency. Over time, things always change. When it comes to keywords, there are shifts in usage and intent. The most obvious example currently exists in our present environment. There is a shift from short keywords to Lounge Lizard blog articles.


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