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Should you use Personalization in your Web Design?

Personalization in website design has been labeled both a game changer and more trouble than it’s worth. That is a pretty wide spectrum to cover for a single idea. Like many website design concepts, it often comes down to your type of business and if the benefits will outweigh the costs. Today we will dive into the question of if you should use personalization in your web design and what it could mean for you.

What is Website Personalization?

The idea of website personalization comes from the general push of creating the most engaging user experience possible. In this case it is a process of creating customized experiences for each visitor to a website rather than having all users experience the exact same thing.

It is a phenomenal idea that when executed properly presents each visitor with an experience that is tailored towards them and in theory will allow the business to more easily meet their needs.

The concept of personalization has been around in business for decades so the inclusion to the virtual world is natural. Lounge Lizard blog articles.

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