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Should you use Video Marketing?

Should you use video marketing? It has certainly become a very common method for promotion, but how effective is it and is it right for your brand? As a top website design firm, we wanted to share our thoughts on the topic and provide the answers you need to make an informed business decision.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is a stream of pictures worth?

What is Video Marketing?

In a nutshell, video marketing is the integration of video technology into marketing efforts to create a more engaging type of content that is easily digestible. It can be used in multiple ways to help build customer relations, provide customer support, promote services and products, promote your brand, deliver viral content, and more.

Your business either creates or has someone create video content, which is a similar process to other content creation in methods when it comes to planning and purpose. The actual execution is a bit different than crafting a blog or a white page but otherwise at its’ most basic it is just another method of content marketing.

This type of marketing has gotten more and more popular over the last few years and technology has allowed video consumption much more easily and quickly. With over a billion users on Lounge Lizard blog articles.


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