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To Link Build or not Link Build – That is the Question!

Is link building a requirement of high SEO rankings? Should your business regularly pursue link building when you need a boost to traffic? The answer seems to vary as link building is a technique that goes from popular to obsolete as a concept every half a year or so. As a top web development firm, we wanted to dive in and discuss to link build or not link build; how effective is it really?

To be fair, we have touted the value of link building for years. It has been a stable, consistent SEO strategy which has provided value for both rankings and traffic. But does that make it the best choice for a business?

A quick recap of link building

The term link building means obtaining hyperlinks from other websites to your website. This link is a simple way for users to navigate between pages on the internet, regardless of if they are on the same website or not. Search providers such as Google and Yahoo crawl the web, which includes the links on a site and between sites.

Search engines consider links between sites in a very specific manner. Originally the number of links from other sites to a site was an important part of a page’s overall rank because links were looked at as a vote of confidence from one website to another. Of course, people took advantage of this basic concept, so the considerations changed over time to counteract unscrupulous activities using links to gain rank.

While Google keeps the specifics of their search algorithm a secret, including how exactly link building is measured and weighed, the general idea is that the more links from higher-quality sites you have, the better it will reflect on the value your site provides. That in turn helps a site gain higher rankings and more traffic.

When link building is important

High-quality backlinks are still a valuable commodity for gaining high search engine results page ranking (SERP). However not every business will obtain the same benefit from focusing on this endeavor.

Who should focus on link building:

  • New websites
  • Sites with few or no backlinks
  • Sites with numerous low-quality backlinks

Pages that rank on the first page of Google SERPs typically have at least one high-quality backlink and most have quite a few. New websites along with sites that either has few links or few high-quality links should take the time to focus at least somewhat on link building until you have a couple of good or really good links.

This will help improve the level of your website’s authority in a particular area.

Sites that already have a lot of good links or sites that already have a great deal of authority will not benefit as much from spending more time building links compared to focusing on other SEO tactics. There is a certain amount of diminishing returns with link building where your ROI reduces with this technique.

When link building isn’t important

How do you know if your site has a strong enough backlink profile that you should invest time on other SEO concepts? The first step is to check your site’s Lounge Lizard blog articles.


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