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Top 7 Landing Page Tips for More Conversions

In marketing, a lot of focus is placed on campaigns and engaging customers. As important as that is, what happens when a person clicks through a link is just as important. If your bounce rates and conversions rates are not very high, then it is time to re-evaluate your landing pages. As a top web design and digital marketing firm, we wanted to share our Top 7 Landing Page Tips for More Conversions.

No matter your industry or the size of your business, these are the best practices that should be used for both higher engagement and more conversions.

7 Landing Page Tips for More Conversions

  • Use a straightforward design – One of the worst sins that can happen with a webpage is any sort of confusing design. A weird layout, difficult navigation, or hidden CTA buttons will cost you conversions and plenty of people will simply leave your site rather than waste time looking. The design should help the landing page accomplish its goal and funnel people towards that goal. Too many distractions, dropdowns, ads, or similar elements simply get in the way of your goal.
  • Landing pages must be mobile-friendly – If your site isn’t mobile-friendly already, then you should at the very least make sure your landing pages are. Landing pages should be compatible with any device or screen size if you want to maximize conversions. With people using mobile devices for so much of their web browsing, it is a good bet that a decent junk of traffic will come from mobile users. Make sure not to alienate any of them because of the difficulty in navigating a non-mobile friendly site on the small screen of a phone.
  • Make sure Landing Page goals and Campaign goals are the same – A good landing page has a specific purpose. The design, content, and copy will help achieve that purpose. Campaigns also have goals that are used to drive traffic to your site. Both goals need to align if you expect to convert at your maximum rate. If people land on your page expecting one thing but then get another, the chance they will bounce increases greatly.
  • Include social proofLounge Lizard blog articles.


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