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Using the F Pattern will get you an A on your Website Conversions

Website conversions are always a hot topic for any business with an online presence. The more conversions your site generates often equals more profits, and who doesn’t want that? As an experienced website design company, we wanted to share how using the F Pattern will get you an A on your website conversions.

What is the F Pattern?

The F Pattern is a term that describes how a typical person’s eyes move while reading content online. This is different than how we read magazines, books, or other hard print documents that generally have different layouts and styles.

First, you need to understand that our eyes can scan content in a matter of seconds. We have learned that scanning websites allow us to find information faster. Second, you need to understand how we have trained or been trained to scan that content.

The typical user scans across the top of a page which is often where headlines and important data is located. Next, the eyes scan down the left side of the page looking at bullet points, sub-headers, menu options, etc. Finally, the eyes scan across the page more in the midpoint to look at what should be important aspects.

Heat maps have been used in Lounge Lizard blog articles.


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