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Website Maintenance Tips every Business Should Know

Website maintenance should be a top priority for any company that utilizes a website as a core component of their business. Not only does regular maintenance ensure maximum efficiency, but it also helps protect the time and money invested in your website. As an award-winning website design company, we wanted to share important Website Maintenance Tips every business should know.

After all, you wouldn’t skip oil changes and 30,000-mile checkups for your car. You need your car to get you from Point A to Point B, and also to do it safely. So why would you risk performance and security issues for a key component of your business?

Website Maintenance Tips

This list of tips provides a basic guideline of what we feel every site should do on a regular basis. Please note, this does not cover things such as content audits, SEO audits, or other marketing tasks. While those should also be done regularly, they don’t fall under the same scope of website maintenance. Those aspects generally are under the digital marketing umbrella, while web maintenance is under web development.