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What are the Best Ad Types for Smaller Businesses?

Marketing budgets for smaller businesses are usually “whatever is leftover”. This means fewer options when it comes to advertising, with value and price often being the deciding factors. The problem with that approach is potentially missing out on the most effective options, which could generate enough revenue to make the investment worthwhile. As a top digital marketing firm, we have a shortlist of the Best Ad types for smaller businesses.

There is one similarity between all these best ad types; there are all digital. Why focus on just digital? According to statistics, it is the smartest play for businesses of any size. There are almost 300 million people in the U.S. alone using the internet. Compared to other channels, it is more cost-effective to use digital ads when you consider the reach versus price. Plus, digital ads offer enormous flexibility as you can launch, remove, and update campaigns and ads quickly.

Those are all important reasons for any businesses, but especially smaller businesses. Reach, cost-effective, and flexible.

Best Ad Types for Smaller Businesses