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What should you do if your Digital Marketing Agency is Behind the Times?

Are you concerned because your company is not getting the results you expected from the digital marketing agency you hired? What should you do if your digital marketing agency is behind the times? Many businesses end up frustrated when goals aren’t being met, they aren’t getting the traffic they expected, or the competition is leaping ahead. In some cases, this is a result of using outdated technology and older methods.

The first step is to gauge if they truly are a bit behind the times. That could be a reason why expectations aren’t being met. We have created a useful list which can help determine if that is the case.

Determining if a Digital Marketing Agency is Behind the Times

This is going to sound a little bit like the Jeff Foxworthy (link)series of redneck jokes. You know, the ones that start with, “You might be a redneck if….”. In this case “a digital marketing agency might be behind the times if…” –