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Why following Google’s Rules is Always the Best Practice

Rules? Rules? We don’t need any rules! Well, actually we do, otherwise, the internet would be a pretty scary place filled with viruses and trolls looking to bait-and-switch us when all we wanted was to find a recipe for dinner. As a top web development firm, we understand the importance of rules on the internet as well as why following Google’s rules is always the best practice.

While a business might see a competitor breaking rules and gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace, that doesn’t make it a good idea to follow suit. Unfortunately, some people see webmaster guidelines and think of them like a speed limit sign; just a suggestion. Of course, a person can still get a ticket for driving 43 in a 40 zone, but it happens so rarely that most people are not only fine with it but expect to be able to do it.

The significant difference between breaking one of Google’s rules and a speeding ticket is that the ticket is usually only a few hundred dollars while breaking one of Google’s rules can get your domain Lounge Lizard blog articles.


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