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Why Using Popular Hashtags on Instagram is Helpful in Engaging Customers

Hashtags are a unique topic for marketing as they are often used incorrectly on the various social media platforms. What started as a simple filter method quickly waterfalled into a method of communication unto its own. That being said, hashtags are very valuable when used properly. As a top digital marketing company, we wanted to share why using popular Hashtags on Instagram is helpful in engaging customers.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Hashtags

Hashtags were based on a simple idea for filtering content on a social media platform. By adding the hashtag symbol (#) before the text, that added a tag to the post. This allowed people to search a platform for all posts using a particular hashtag that acted as a topic indicator.

As Twitter became more popular, hashtags exploded in use. In some cases, they were used properly and helped people find exactly what they wanted. For example, news reporters successfully incorporated hashtags into news stories starting in 2013 which would allow users an effortless way to stay informed on a topic without following a specific person.

There was also plenty of bad hashtag usage. This commonly occurred when people would use the hashtag symbol followed by a string of words that were used for communication rather than as a topic indicator. For example, people would tag photos with multiple hashtags such as #livingmybestlife, #hangingwiththegirls, #youknowhowwedoit. This was more descriptive information about the post itself rather than a topic.

Then there was just plain ugly hashtag usage. My favorite example was when NBA legend Lounge Lizard blog articles.


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