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Why would you need B2B Website Development?

Why would you need B2B Website Development? If you already have an existing business to consumer site or are planning on launching a new site, is there really much difference or benefit to using a B2B model? That is a question that pops up quite regularly in website design and is worthy of a discussion which we will undertake today.

What is a B2B Website?

It can be difficult to keep up with all of the acronyms in the world so we can forgive those who are not aware of exactly what B2B is. It stands for business-to-business and the Branding is an important aspect of any website and especially a B2B site if you want to me memorable. While there is less of an emotional component compared to B2C sales, you are still dealing with people and therefore some level of emotion is still in play. Buyers are still influenced by their initial first impression which means your site should be well branded and provide a strong, positive impression with the impactful, engaging and interesting design that is used.

  • Clear Value Proposition – One of the most important aspects of your site is the ability to clearly define the value of what you are offering and how what you have to offer meets needs and exceeds what the competition provides.
  • Utilize Automation – Automation can greatly increase what you can accomplish. From marketing automation for email and your website to lead generation and lead capture there is a lot that your website should be doing for you to help enhance your business.
  • Incorporation Premium Content – Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? That is why your premium content needs to be gated in some manner so that prospective clients need to at least fill out an information form before they can access it. Remember, sometimes they need to give something to get something and in this case that should be more in-depth contact and/or business information to help you refine a future sales pitch.
  • Mobile Friendly – This is an absolute must for any type of online business. You must have a mobile friendly site to cater to those people who rely on mobile devices for research and information gathering.
  • Focus on Speed – This is also a best practice for a B2C site; web performance. One or two seconds can end up being the difference in a customer staying or leaving your site. There is a very low tolerance for poor performance as that might be a reflection of how you run the rest of your business.
  • Continue to Evolve – B2B is one area where remaining static is not a good idea. If your business and its website aren’t continuing to improve and evolve then you won’t be able to build and advance your business conversions.
  • The bottom line is that you need B2B website development if your business sells to other businesses. There are too many differences between the needs of a B2C website and a B2B site to simply use any web developer if you expect to have a finished product that will allow you to successfully compete in competitive markets. You need someone that understands the nuances and needs of B2B businesses with successful site designs already part of their portfolio.

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