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Lounge Lizard Designs New Website for PANDA is a virtual research lab that studies how children develop.  Parents and children can participate in the research from the comfort of their own homes and receive rewards for their efforts. The research behind the website’s content is a joint effort between New York University and Princeton Universities called PANDA (Princeton and NYU Discoveries in Action).

After a brief signup process, parents receive email notifications as new studies become available for their children. To participate in the study, children play an interactive game on a webcam-enabled computer.  As the game progresses the children’s responses are recorded by the webcam.  Once the game has been completed parents upload the video via an easy to use interface. PANDA’s staff then reviews the videos and uses the child’s responses as part of their research.  Once PANDA’s staff has deemed the study case as usable the parents receives a gift card via email.

Lounge Lizard created the branding strategy for PANDA, which involved creating a simple geometric logo (symbolizing childhood development) and a playful panda character to engage children. The website was developed using Python Django, which provided a powerful user management system at a reasonable cost. Aside from what the parents and children experience, the website provides administration features such as account management, study creation tools, progress reporting, and email communication templates.

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